Giggidy Advertising Artwork Requirements

The best file format for promotional items are vector based EPS files created in professional graphics applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand (now an Adobe product as well) or Correll Draw. Vector files allow us to adjust the size of your brand without a bit of distortion, we call this Resolution independent and that's a good thing when you are trying to maintain the integrity of your artwork.

EPS files also retain specific PANTONE and other color information that insures accurate brand color decoration. These files are also typically small in size so they e-mail and transfer quickly and securely. To find out more about building the perfect art file, check out

Other files that can produce good results include raster based files created in professional graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop and others. If you are a PSD guru, then make sure that the files you create are at least 300dpi at the size you intend the image to print, and throw away any unused channels or paths which could clip your brand in an inappropriate way.

Other challenges with raster-based images include the vast number of file types that can turn your art project into alphabet soup. PSD, TIFF, JPG, GIF and more all are potential extensions, and all have subtle nuances, which may affect the quality of your promotional marketing project.

Some file formats are definitely not appropriate for quality promotional marketing projects. Friends don't let friends use MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Paint to create production ready art. Never, ever! Also, while the internet has revolutionized the way we communicate and transfer assets, don't get tempted to use art appearing on a website for promotional marketing. No matter how good the graphic looks on your screen, it will not look good on your promotional marketing item.

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