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Advertising in Massachusetts during a Recession: Giggidy Advertising Knows how

This is a direct memo to perspective clients who have given up on Advertising in Massachusetts
to the companies out there who have been burnt by mediocre advertising agencies. It seems that many companies advertising in Massachusetts have decided to put a halt to their spending for hopes that business will arise on its own.

 The truth is that many companies taking this approach seem to be suffering like never seen before.  The issues turn into a vicious circle.  The companies stop advertising and survive on residual brand awareness that was created from their advertising for a month or two; then the pool drives up and the companies are working one day a week if that.  Now is the time for companies to take advantage of other companies who have stopped advertising. 
The few companies who capitalize on this information are going to be the success stories of 2010 and then some.  The reason is simple; they are the only ones advertising so they are the only ones on the customer’s minds when they need that specific product.  If you think about it; when you need a quality roofer who do you call? Do you call a random name from the book or do you choose to go with someone whom you’ve hear multiple times over the previous months or years? I would assume you would choose the one with name recognition. You do this because you think they must be doing something right if you see them so often and hear about them in great detail.  The trick that happens is that this advertising then leads to customers who then lead to references which then leads to more advertising and completes the circle.  Your company grows in size and profitability due to this advertising.
The profitability and references are directly related to the advertising invested in the company in the past and present; it is not fluke that these companies are the success of their chosen industries and specific markets in Massachusetts.
This is advertising at its best.  This is Giggidy Advertising producing results for your company and then allowing your company to survive in these hard economic times.  Unfortunately anybody can start an agency; and these people who are not qualified sully the reputation for the industry. It seems one bad experience can sour advertising for a perspective client for years. 
This is not the case with Giggidy Advertising. We offer accountability through ROI, return on investment.  If we do not produce as promise we refund you.  It’s that simple. Giggidy Advertising is an elite class of Advertising in Massachusetts for good reason.  They are the best for your company day in and day out.  Call 508-989-8420 today to schedule an appointment to see how Giggidy Advertising can help turn your company around and set you up for success in the future.  We look forward to forging a strong relationship with you and your company for years to come. 

Giggidy Advertising is Key to many firms success in recession

For VPs: The Dollars Go Further in Slow Times Especially in Advertising in Massachusetts
If it’s a marketing person you are talking to with strategic involvement, argue the benefits of maintaining an ad program during slow economic times. Business history books are full of examples of companies that maintained or increased their ad budgets during recessions and found that at recession’s end they had leap-frogged their competitors by wide margins.
My favorite story is the one between the Kellogg’s and Post cereal companies who raced neck and neck in the 1920’s to dominate the breakfast cereal business. When the Great American Depression came in the 1930’s Kellogg’s kept their advertising going while Post cut back. When the Depression ended so had the race between them as Kellogg’s emerged the dominant player, a position they have maintained to this day.

Ask About Their Recession Product Strategy
Smart companies don’t just cut during a recession, they reformat their offerings. They may introduce a lower cost line to hold on to customers, they may offer a price program designed to keep consistent customers consistent, or they may offer special discounts designed to offer temporarily lower pricing.

Now Re-Rationalize the Ad Budget
If someone tells you they are cutting back their ad budget because of a recession, ask why they advertise in the first place. There are many ways companies internally rationalize their ad spend. Some advertise only because their competition does, but if their competition cuts back during a recession, they may as well. Other companies advertise only when new products come out but during recessions they may introduce fewer products. Don’t just accept a budget cut because revenues are down as a given. Find out what the original rationale was and find a way to rethink it. The reasons to advertise during the good times may not be the same reasons to advertise during slow times.
For Media Buyers
Talking marketing strategy will not save you from a recession-driven media buyer when the cuts come. By the time media is involved, typically they have their marching orders, and their number. When the cuts come, buyers will divide all media into two categories; essential and non-essential. You need to be in the later.
Right from the start you have to find ways to preset your media as being absolutely essential. Ask your advertisers to consider that all recessions end and this one will be no different. Remind them that over the past half-century, there have been nine recessions, lasting an average of 11 months each.
But every publication will claim to be essential. You need to be specific. For b-to-b, that means if you stay in my publication you will stay close to the technical buyers who will be reevaluating these technologies, even as their budgets fall. It is essential they understand how your new reduced spec offerings can help them get through these lean times. For consumer titles, even in recessionary times women find ways to make themselves look good. If they can’t afford a whole new outfit they will often find their way to the cosmetics counter where your products, among others, will be waiting for them.

Sell the Web
Maintaining a dialogue with your customer base is good advice for your business as well. During the 2002 recession, I used many of my new Web offerings to keep advertisers active during those slow times. I sold them aggressively to keep advertisers interested in my magazine brand and on my active advertiser list. It was a great way to keep the dialogue going with my advertiser base.

Look for the Slump Star Companies
During the 2002 ad recession I had clients who strategically used the recession to pull ahead of competition. They did not cut back; they kept their marketing aggressive, they kept budgets on track and they saw significant gains on the competition. I found that if I stuck close to these companies and spent extra time with them, my business improved, as did theirs.

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